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Top 10 Engineering Projects Award Ceremony

Author:未知  Updated:2020-04-10 17:04:48
The swimming pool and SPA industry has been developing in the world for many years. With the in-depth exploration of more and more companies in the field of swimming pool and SPA, the industry has gradually moved from hot water, water tre

The swimming pool and SPA industry has been developing in the world for many years. With the in-depth exploration of more and more companies in the field of swimming pool and SPA, the industry has gradually moved from hot water, water treatment, hot spring swimming pools and sauna baths to SPA hydrotherapy and comprehensive supporting service of hot spring swimming pool, etc., which has formed a relatively mature industrial chain.
In order to promote the construction of swimming pool SPA projects, and further mobilize the enthusiasm of swimming pool SPA companies to participate in the construction of the industry, the organizing committee builds a platform for professional buyers and enterprises to exchange experience and technology, which is, Top 10 Engineering Projects. By showing more excellent cases, we will display the achievements of new technology applications and mature solutions, so as to have an in-depth understanding of the development status of the swimming pool and SPA industry, bring new enlightenment to related industries, provide better solutions and scientific support for the industry development as well as to promote the steady development of the entire industry chain.

The award ceremony of the 2020 Top 10 Engineering Project Award is schedule for May 10, 2020 at the China Import and Export Complex Fair, Guangzhou. The exhibition will fully display the brand image, design concept and high-quality construction skills of the swimming pool and SPA industry.
Converging new ideas and elite leaders
Only by keeping pace with the development of the times and walking at the forefront of innovation can we be invincible. From the five awards of the Top 10 project of stadium swimming pool, Top 10 project of leisure swimming pool, Top 10 project of water park, Top 10 project of hot spring, and excellent water system projects, the ceremony will show you the swimming pool and SPA industry in length and breadth, which allows the enterprise to find a big stage and the swimming pool and SPA industry to find a new direction.

This selection activity has received strong supports from 20+ industry authoritative associations and thousands of companies. It is expected that 200+ brand enterprises, 300+ well-known designers, and 30,000+ professional visitors will attend the ceremony. It will be a grand feast for brand enterprise, industry associations, engineering companies, etc.
Medias for promoting the ceremony
As the first Top 10 swimming pool and water park in China, the Top 10 Excellent Project Award is featured by its professionalism and authority. Combined with online voting and expert commentary, and using the “market + authority” selection model, we are sure that the representative Top 10 project cases selected will be of high quality.
The organizing committee will invite more than 230 mainstream professional media, including industry portals, magazines, newspapers, etc., which will track and report throughout the process of the ceremony so as to ensure the rapid and efficient transmission of event information and maximize the effectiveness of communication.
In addition, the selected Top10 works will be showed on the exhibition wall of the Asia Pool and SPA Expo 2020. What’s more, the organizing committee will help publicize the companies through various channels in a maximized period.
Gather together famous associations to boost the communication
The 2020 Top 10 Engineering Project is host by Asian Association of Building Technology Unions, Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group, Guangdong Jianshe Newspaper, and Xinkuai Newspaper, and co-organized by the European Union of Swimming Pool and Spa Associations (EUSA), International Sauna Association, Asia Pacific Spa and Health Alliance, International SPA association, Portuguese Swimming Pool Spa Association, Thailand SPA Association, British Swimming Pool Union, Swimming Pool & Spa Association of Australia, Singapore SPA Association, Brazil SPA Association, Asian Spa and Health Promotion Committee, Guangdong Bath Leisure Association, and SPA & BATH TIMES, etc. At the same time, the ceremony will also invite many heavyweights to participate in the activity, in order to provide enterprises with the broadest platform for  exchanging the experience and information of pool and SPA industry.
We sincerely invite you to come to the activity. Please seize the chance to apply for it!