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岱蔻儿水疗新特性 (The THALAO spas and their share of new features)   Procopi 公司近日对一系列的水疗进行了大规模的更新,其新产品岱蔻儿水疗新


The THALAO spas and their share of

new features


Procopi 公司近日对一系列的水疗进行了大规模的更新,其新产品岱蔻儿水疗新特性曝光。





The company Procopi completely renewed its range of spas recently, with its new Thalao spas that incorporate a host of new features.

They are equipped new tubs, available in 7 colours, and a choice of 3 colours for the composite panelling and 2 in natural oiled wood.

The fittings include a new filter plate, an intuitive control panel, two steps, a multi-colour LED projector, insulating cover, and adjustable rotary and bi-rotary stainless steel nozzles.

As options one can add chromatherapy, a waterfall, MicroSilk aerotherapy (with effervescent oxygen micro-bubbles), 2 jets for the feet for the lounger, aromatherapy, or an offset plate kit. Available in versions accommodating 2, 3 or 4 people, with 1 or 2 berths.

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